Recycling, Reusing or Disposing of Electronics

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Computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones are becoming more sophisticated. This means they are more reliant upon rare minerals and sometimes toxic chemicals to perform. As consumers, it’s something we are not usually concerned about – until it’s time to dispose of them.

When that time comes, you have choices to make. You might consider approaching local school organizations or community centres. Consider asking to see who might have a use for unwanted electronics. Finally, try contacting charity programs that collect outdated computers, tablets and phones for schools in third-world countries.

If none of those options is feasible, and your devices will be of no use to others, you have options. Consult with your local municipality to determine where and how to dispose of e-waste. They may have a program in place to safely dismantle and dispose of the equipment and could direct you to a drop-off site. You may also find that some local electronics retailers will accept old items for proper disposal. This works especially if you are a customer. Regardless of what you decide to do with old devices, make sure you have erased all personal data from the hard drive, memory chip and/or SIM card.

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